Chances are you have probably had a social media presence for your business for a while now, but are you getting the most out of your posts?

If used well, social media can be a powerful tool to reach your target audiences, and engage with them in meaningful ways and make lasting, positive connections. Knowing what to publish and when can greatly increase your visibility on social media.

But how do you know if the effort you are putting in is reaping any rewards? A social media strategy can help you define your goals, create your content and work out if the hours you’re putting in online are worth it. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your social media strategy.

Align goals and social media content development

Define what goals you want to achieve through your social media presence and also develop a metric to measure whether you have achieved your goal. Your goals should be SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time based) Here are some basic goal examples and their metrics:

  • Goal: generate traffic. Metric: number of unique visitors from the social media sites where you have run your campaign.
  • Goal: generate interaction. Metric: the number and type of comments created.
  • Goal: create a following. Metric: number of subscribers, or likes, or followers.

Know your audience

Before you even start posting or choosing social media channels, take the time to create an audience profile. Interviewing existing customers can help build a comprehensive audience profile.

Think about the people in your audience, their characteristic’s and the similarities they share, such as:

  • challenges
  • ideas
  • the way they find information
  • the social media channels they use

Know your competitors

Check out what your competition is doing and learn from their mistakes and wins.

  • Which of their posts seem to be most popular?
  • What kinds of responses are they getting from their followers?
  • Work out what you can do differently to stand out from the crowd.

Choose your channels wisely

Managing several social media channels can be very time consuming. Sometimes it’s best to focus your efforts on one or two channels where most of your audience exists.

Keep your messaging clear and consistent

Sum up what you would like your business to be known for in a few words and keep to this message. You want your message to attract prospective customers and encourage them to take action. Pinpoint how your business can solve a problem or deliver a benefit and build your content around that key message.

Review your analytics

Set aside some time regularly to review your social media analytics to ensure you know what’s resonating with your audience and what’s not.


Belinda Galbraith is a Communications Consultant based in the Southern Highlands of NSW